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Things Bogans Like is a blog created in October 2009 in response and reaction to the 2008 North American blog and publishing phenomenon Stuff White People Like. Six residents of Melbourne (Australia) self-styled as Michael Jayfox, E. Chas McSween, Intravenus DeMilo, Enron Hubbard, Hunter McKenzie-Smythe and Flash Johnson collectively write the blog.<ref>Template:Cite news</ref>

Things Bogans Like was referred to in daily Melbourne newspaper The Age <ref>Template:Cite news</ref> and mocked in The Punch,<ref>Template:Cite news</ref> The style of the blog is satirical, with the authors nominating bogan tendencies, and writing a 300 to 400 word exposé on each. Things Bogans Like has subsequently become a popular Facebook group, with around 10,000 fans.

Topics covered on the site including Tramp Stamps, Boost Juice, Sexpo, The Melbourne Cup, Malapropisms, and Kings of Leon. The authors cite Brendan Fevola, Bec Cartwright, and other Australian celebrities as examples of the new Australian bogan.

The bestselling book Things Bogans Like was released as a book in October 2010 by Hachette Australia, with its successor, Boganomics, released in November 2011.



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