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Sort Media by Country. We have IDD codes in the system, but we don't really use it for anything right now. The beauty of the Harro Media Pass is we edit and classify the technology using multiple filters. So you can ask a question like:

"Show me all the forums in Mumbai, India"
"Show me all the professional bloggers, with Google PR rank above 5, in Japan"
"Show me all the Print Magazines, focused on Technology, in Thailand"

As Media explodes across the world, we now recognise that the largest internet populations are in Asia. China has the largest Internet market of 384M users, and about 500M users across the Asia Pacific region. The phenomenal growth in Internet and mobile users now has Asia boasting of 39% of the total online population.

Singapore has a household broadband penetration rate of 164.5% as of May 2010 according to Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) of Singapore - the highest in the region and perhaps the world. Asia Pacific has the world's highest use of search (45% of the total) and search accounts for the majority of advertising revenue, yet more than half of all Indian internet users go online mainly to send email. Hong Kong has the world's highest mobile messenger usage, with 23% of global users. In Japan, around 10% of all ad budgets are spent online, and mobile comprises around 10% of that. China has 42 million bloggers - more than the U.S. and Europe combined - and 80% of Internet users say that being online is an essential part of how they live their lives.

This wiki is a supporting resource for Harro Intelligence. Go to Harro Intelligence to review information about emerging media trends in the individual countries.