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Template:Dynamic list This is list of newspapers in Indonesia.

National newspapers

Name Characteristics First published Owner Circulation readership
Bisnis Indonesia business daily 1985 PT. Jurnalindo Aksara Grafika
Investor Daily business daily 2001 PT. Koran Media Investor Indonesia
Jawa Pos mass-circulation daily 1949 Jawa Pos Group 450,000
Jurnal Nasional mass-circulation daily, political news, nationalist 2006 PT. Media Nusa Pradana
Kompas mass-circulation daily 1966 Kompas Gramedia 600,000
Kontan business daily and weekly 1996 Kompas Gramedia
Koran Jakarta mass-circulation daily 2008 PT. Berita Nusantara
Koran Sindo mass-circulation daily 2005 MNC Media
Koran Tempo mass-circulation daily 2001 Tempo Inti Media 240,000
Media Indonesia mass-circulation daily 1970 Media Group 250,000
Pelita mass-circulation daily 1974
Rakyat Merdeka mass-circulation daily, political news, nationalist 1999 Jawa Pos Group
Republika mass-circulation daily, Islamic 1993 Mahaka Media 325,000
Sinar Harapan mass-circulation daily 1961 PT. Sinar Harapan Persada
Suara Karya Golkar-aligned 1971 Golkar Party
Suara Pembaruan mass-circulation daily 1987 PT Media Interaksi Utama 350,000

Regional newspapers

English-language newspapers

Chinese-language newspapers


Indonesian tabloids

  • Aura - women's tabloid, now ceased since April 2014
  • Bintang Indonesia - television and entertainment tabloid
  • Bola - weekly sports tabloid, now also published as daily sports newspaper
  • Buletin Sinetron - entertainment tabloid, now ceased
  • Cek & Ricek - entertainment tabloid
  • Citra - television and entertainment tabloid, now ceased since December 2004
  • Fantasi - children's tabloid, now ceased
  • Genie - entertainment tabloid
  • GO- sport tabloid, now ceased
  • Motor Plus
  • Nova- women's tabloid
  • Otomotif
  • Pro TV- entertainment tabloid, now ceased
  • Soccer - soccer tabloid, now ceased since October 2014
  • Wanita Indonesia - women's tabloid

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